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The nice prankster


Is something broken? Don’t look too far, it’s surely Pata, the nice prankster of the band who made again some stupid things…

He loves to make jokes and doesn’t miss an opportunity
to make the others laugh.

But he always remains nice and takes care not to make fun
of the others.



The funny nerd


Mathematics? A real child’s play for Fix, the funny nerd of the group.

He loves to solve all kinds of problems and always asks
too many questions.

But he also loves to have fun with the other Loustics and
doesn’t hesitate to help them when they are in trouble.


The eccentric artist


Nothing scares Rolla, the eccentric artist who touches
everything of the band ! Music, drawing, photography…

He loves to discover new disciplines and is passionate
about everything.

He is outgoing, loud and hyperactive.


The sweet dreamer


It’s simple, Poly sleeps everywhere, all the time,
no matter the place or time of day!

His bed is his favorite place in the world and
he has countless cuddly toys!

This sweet dreamer is calm and gentle.



The creative lover


Always with his head in the clouds,
Sticky is the creative sentimentalist of the bunch.

He loves everyone and wouldn’t hurt a fly!

He always has new ideas to make the world a better place.



The crazy gamer


Glu is missing?
Don’t panic, he must still be playing his video games!

The dream of this crazy gamer?
To become a champion of E-sport!
He loves to escape through his games and is so passionate that he often screams when he loses!


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